Cultural stone exterior wall – cultural stone cleaning

Cultural stone exterior wall is classic and welcome by some people. Today we are going to discuss one important topic- cultural stone cleaning. What we shall do after its installation?

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1. After the installation is completed, if the stone surface is accidentally stained with mortar, it must wait until the mortar is half dry and easy to fall off, brush it off with a small brush, and must not use a wet brush.2, can be used to clean the surface of the stone with ordinary alkaline detergent.
Do not use acid or acid containing detergent.3. After all the installation and cleaning of the wall is completed, it is best to do a waterproof treatment as a whole. It is generally appropriate to use water-based waterproof materials, especially the groove seam part should be all processed in place.
Above to introduce to you is the collocation method of external wall culture stone, now you should also have some understanding of it, of course, the selection of external wall and internal wall is not the same, external wall needs to be weathered and beaten, so it must be durable and corrosion resistant, cultural stone is a good choice, both beautiful and durable.
People who like culture stone can have a good understanding of today’s introduction. I hope it will be helpful for you.