Cultural Stone Exterior Wall

At present, the three most commonly used external wall construction schemes of rural self-built houses are culture stone, real stone paint and dry hanging stone.

pu culture stone
Stone price is too expensive, real stone paint feel not too high grade, today to say to you, why the outer wall to use cultural stone.
Price 50-100 CNY a square meter, can make this kind of perfect effect, is really beautiful, build a such a house, in the countryside that is quite face
Culture stone is not a separate stone, itself does not have any cultural meaning, it expresses is to achieve a certain decorative effect of processing and production methods.
Cultural stone is characterized by attractive color lines can maintain the natural and original style, and color deployment changes, can be the connotation of stone texture and artistic display.
In line with the cultural concept of advocating nature and returning to nature, people call this kind of stone “cultural stone”.
The metope that decorates with this kind of stone material, the wall scene that makes, can give a kind of cultural lasting appeal and natural breath fully really.
In the villa exterior wall decoration and design, now a considerable number of people will choose cultural stone.
Artificial culture stone wall is a feature of building, the use of such always bring a natural flavor, natural go vulture act the role ofing, as the European American style in the rise of China architectural decorating, artificial culture stone also got rapid development, from the outer wall used to indoor ornament to avant-garde consumption, perhaps artificial culture stone always affects the development of China’s beautiful building indoor and outdoor decoration trend and direction.
The scope of application of cultural stone:
Building exterior decoration: exterior wall, porch, doorpost, window edge, flue, etc.
Scenic signs: garden fence, column, path, bridge, public signs, etc.
Interior decoration: background wall, stove, TV wall, corridor, kitchen, etc.
Modern style exterior wall with cultural stone is also no problem, collocation is also very good, cultural stone and log collocation is also complement each other.

PU culture stone panel
Now society has entered a new development era, row houses, apartment house is decorated, golf courses, arts building walls, holiday resort, amusement places, parks, gardens, villages clubs landscape recreational facilities, fireplace sets, TV setting wall, and so on aisle walls are artificial culture stone, for the artificial culture stone this use of new energy materials, not only is the trend of The Times in the development of era, but also the upgrade of mass consumption concept.