Cultural stone wall – cultural stone collocation knowledge

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Cultural stone wall – cultural stone collocation knowledge

1, the background wall of the TV chooses the culture stone inlaid with rough texture, which can not only absorb sound, but also set off the fine texture of electrical appliances.

2, if the living room space area is large, you can also use cultural stone to make a classical style rich theme wall, so that the living room decoration in the delicate flow reveals a casual.Or it is the one horn that builds quite rural style in the balcony.At the same time, we should also pay attention to the main role of the cultural stone is to decorate, do not abuse, otherwise it will backfire.

3, the wall treatment clean and make a rough surface, (such as plastic wood and other low water absorption smooth surface, must be paved with barbed wire, and make a rough bottom, full health and then shop paste

4, stick to the rock before you must first arrange the rocks on the ground to match the best effect in the order of the shop paste, (similar size, shape, color of the rock not adjacent).