Natural Culture Stone and Artificial Culture Stone

Culture stone, the academic name Cast Stone, is defined as “the manufacture of exquisite architectural concrete building units, which simulates natural cutting and fetching of stones for unit masonry applications”.

In the United Kingdom and Europe, cast stone slabs are defined as any material made of “natural stone that is similar in appearance to aggregates and gelling adhesives, and can be used in a similar manner”. Cast stone is a product of masonry structure, as a building function, decoration, decoration or facing buildings or other structures, or can be used as garden sketches. Cast stone can be made into white and/or gray cement, finished products or natural sand, carefully selected crushed stone or well-graded natural gravel and mineral pigments to achieve the desired color and appearance, while maintaining durable physical properties exceeding the most Natural cut stone. Cast stone is a good alternative to natural cut limestone, brown sandstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, coral rock, lime and other natural stones.

(1) Natural culture stone

It is a stone ore deposit mined in nature, in which slate, sandstone, and quartz stone are processed into a decorative building material. Natural cultural stone is hard in material, bright in color, rich in texture and different in style. It has the advantages of compression resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and low water absorption. The main feature of natural cultural stone is durability, not afraid of getting dirty, and can be scrubbed for unlimited times. However, the decorative effect is limited by the original texture of the stone. In addition to the square stone, other constructions are more difficult, especially when splicing.

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(2) Artificial culture stone

The artificial cultural stone is made of pumice, ceramsite, silicon calcium and other materials through professional processing and refined. The texture, color and texture of each naturally formed stone are upgraded and reproduced by artificial methods using high-tech. The effect is extremely original , Natural and simple charm. High-grade artificial cultural stone has the characteristics of environmental protection, energy saving, light texture, rich color, mildew, non-combustible, good resistance to thawing and easy installation.

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The classification of cultural stones is generally similar, generally there are strip stones, bread stones, city wall stones, weathered stones, pebbles, mixed texture stones, antique bricks, etc.