Polyurethane culture stone

For traditional culture stone, we need to do build by laying bricks or stones wall mud, one piece on the caulking repair, Labour and time-consuming, when earthquake comes, again afraid to drop parts family so SINOMAKE developed PU light culture stone, use big chip links technology, can quickly splicing installation, save construction cost effectively, after returning the lacquer on each work is pure arts and crafts, and then work multilayer of the lacquer that bake, modelling is very solid natural, vivid, and diverse styles.

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SINOMAKE PU lightweight cultural stone adopts imported classical technology, the product quality keeps improving, the color effect is realistic, the stereo, the material is light, the fast installation is realized, the effect is hundreds of square meters per person every day.

You can imagine how comfortable it is when installing a culture stone is as quick and convenient as a gusset plate.

Lightweight PU culture stone can effectively protect the safety of your family, and you don’t need to worry about children’s injuries during playing, thus providing you with a safe and comfortable living environment.

Lightweight plate design allows designers to give full play to the imagination of the design, cultural stone is no longer confined to the wall, unrestrained 360 degrees of no dead Angle installation can let you bring the design to the extreme!

SINOMAKE PU culture stone not only has the characteristics of culture stone, more importantly, good polyurethane insulation material is adopted as the main material to install and use SINOMAKE PU culture stone PU culture brick. Besides the beautiful decoration, SINOMAKE PU culture stone has excellent heat preservation function.

The houses decorated with PU culture stone save more than 80% energy than those decorated with ordinary bricks or culture stone, which not only makes it convenient for us, but also greatly saves the energy cost in the following decades.