Problems in the installation of artificial cultural stone

Problems in the installation of artificial cultural stone

There are different installation methods for installing culture stone. Natural cultural stone can be directly in the wall construction, first the wall hair, then wet with water, can be pasted with cement. Artificial cultural stone in addition to natural stone methods, but also by adhesive method.
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What are the main points to pay attention to when installing artificial cultural stone?

1. culture stone installed outdoors, try not to choose sandstone stone, because this kind of stone is easy to seep water. Even if the surface of the waterproof treatment, but also vulnerable to the sun and rain caused by waterproof layer aging.

2. indoor installation of cultural stone can choose similar near-color or complementary color, but should not use strong contrast between cold and warm color.

3. culture stone is not suitable for large area use indoors. Generally speaking, its wall area is not suitable to exceed 1/3 of its space wall. And the room should not appear many times cultural stone wall.

The advantage of artificial cultural stone is that it can create its own color, even if the color is not like when it is bought, it can also be reprocessed with latex paint. Artificial cultural stone is mostly box, in which different blocks have been allocated a good proportion, installation is more convenient.