PU Culture Stone Panel

Polyurethane artificial culture stone

Polyurethane artificial culture stone is also named PU cultural stone, PU faux culture stone, PU culture stone panel, PU fake cultural stone veneer, etc., do you know about it? Let’s learn it together here.

Types of culture stone

The types of cultural stone are mainly divided into natural cultural stone and artificial culture stone. And the varieties of natural culture stone include pebble, slate, rust slate, sandstone slab, quartz slab, mushroom stone, granite, random rock, coral rock and so on.

Features of Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane is so durable because it has a closed cell structure. This makes it very stable, unlike plastics which degrade over time, and it keeps moisture from transferring behind coatings. Moisture migration is the reason behind serious problems such as mold on stone or brick, rot in wood trim and beams, and blistering, peeling paint, all of which can happen with natural building products.

Advantages of PU cultural stone

Polyurethane faux culture stone can achieve the same effect as real stone, polyurethane simulation stone has the advantages of easy installation, color selection, insulation, sound insulation, environmental protection and energy saving, light texture, high strength, good frost resistance. Polyurethane culture stone has hard material structure, bright color, rich texture and different styles. It has the advantages of compression resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance and low water absorption. The effect is very primitive, natural, simple charm.

Applications of PU cultural stone and brick

PU artificial culture stone and brick can be used for home decoration, tooling, indoor, outdoor, public places, landscaping. It achieves the ideal color and appearance while maintaining durable physical properties with natural cutting installation.

Polyurethane culture stone is the ideal material for modern home decoration!

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