PU Integrated Materials for Indoor Decoration

Polyurethane decorative integrated board content

1. main products

PU lines, lamp plates, beam supports, decorative flowers, Roman columns, lamp pools, etc.

2. product features

The product style is complete, the pattern is exquisite, has each kind of fashion color, white, gold, silver, antique copper, antique silver and so on provides your choice.

3. product characteristics

Environmental protection: polymer materials, non-toxic harmless green environmental protection.

Light weight: light weight and wood sense, toughness, anti-fall, no crack, no deformation.

Diversification: unique design, brilliant color, with optional depiction effect.

Anti-aging: anti-corrosion, anti- borer, no discoloration, no aging.

Waterproof: waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-mildew, no seepage.

Flame retardant: flame retardant, fire-proof, non-ignition, non-combustion. Convenience: can be directly installed, can be cut, planable, sticky, nail, save trouble and labor, easy to install low cost.