Sinomake Industech is a professional manufacturer of PU culture stone, PU faux rock panels and PU artificial culture brick panels from China. China PU culture stone owns its advantages in pricing. production and quality. PU products are versatile,modern,economical and safe, they are playing a indispensible role in many areas of our world and making our life more comfortable and colorful. PU faux culture stone panels are made of the high density polyurethane (PU). The molds of such panels and sidings are duplicated from the real stones and bricks, so they look like the real ones but with many advantages they exclusively own, including lightweight, durable, economical and environment friendly as well as easy to install. China PU culture stone is suitable for both indoor and outdoor wall decoration of home, office, shop, etc. Sinomake Industech welcomes all the friends from the world to visit our plant to know more about usand our products.


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