PU Culture Brick

Weather Resistance of PU Culture Stone

Weather resistance of PU lightweight culture stone Weather resistance is one of the key features of PU lightweight culture stone panels. PU faux stone panels allow house owners or builders to design and create a unique and timeless look that meets with any building styles, meanwhile, they provide durable protection, regardless of the weather. Faux stone panel siding could offer a weather- and insect-resistant alterna
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What are the advantages of PU culture stone (Part B)

No.3, Safety, environmental protection and energy conservation   PU culture stone panels would save energy and increase R-values and help you save money. The R value represents the ability of building materials to prevent heat from passing through. The higher the R value, the higher the heat resistance and thermal insulation performance of the material. PU culture stone with high R value, it can provide a supplementa
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What Is PU Culture Stone?

PU Culture Stone (artificial stone,faux stone, man-made stone, manufactured stone) is made of PU,which poured into a mold then colored to look like real stone. It was a nice alternative to the heavier natural thick building stone. PU (polyurethane) has many benefits , which is a great, versatile substitute for natural stone, brick, wood, rubber, fiberglass, etc. Polyurethane (PU) products are known for their extreme
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