PU cultural stone or called PU antique brick, PU background wall, PU bamboo is a new type of environmental protection material, it is light and easy to install, and each person can install hundreds of square meters per day. No.1, Lightweight PU culture stone weighs about 3-4KG per square meter and is easy to install. 

PU faux culture stone panel and PU faux rock panel are made of the high density polyurethane (PU). The molds of such panels and sidings are duplicated from the real stones and bricks, so they look like the real ones but with many advantages they exclusively own, including lightweight, durable, economical and environment friendly as well as easy to install. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wall decoration of home, office, shop, hotel, villa, public projects, mountain restoration etc.

What Are PU Fake Stone Panels ?

How Do Fake Stone Panels Be Installed ?

How Do You Install Interior Wall Panels DIY ?

How Do You Install Faux Stone Wall Panels ?

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