Weather Resistance of PU Culture Stone

Weather resistance of PU lightweight culture stone

Weather resistance is one of the key features of PU lightweight culture stone panels. PU faux stone panels allow house owners or builders to design and create a unique and timeless look that meets with any building styles, meanwhile, they provide durable protection, regardless of the weather.

Faux stone panel siding could offer a weather- and insect-resistant alternative with vivid look of natural stone and without its high price.

The high-density polyurethane culture stone panels are available in a range of natural tones and styles that make you reach the look and effect you want at a fraction of the real stone cost.

  • PU faux culture stone and brick panels: Non-fading,anti-wind,anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, waterproof and insect proof, etc.

In order to find the proper siding for the exteriors of your house or building, you must take into consideration the local climate you live in, your desired trend and look and your planned expense.

Anyway, faux stone panel are a perfect alternative to have the look of real stone and meet the weather and climate in which you live.