What are the advantages of PU culture stone (Part A)

PU cultural stone or called PU antique brick, PU background wall, PU bamboo is a new type of environmental protection material, it is light and easy to install, and each person can install hundreds of square meters per day.


No.1, Lightweight

PU culture stone weighs about 3-4KG per square meter and is easy to install.

It is simple and lightweight, which are the key purpose to develop such PU cultural stone and PU ancient brick; it can effectively reduce the cost of construction equipment required by traditional materials. It is light in weight and safe in installation. The tools required for operation are light and easy to install, which is convenient and quick to construct. Compared with wall bricks and rock materials, PU cultural stone and PU ancient bricks with simple installation techniques can highlight the advantages of quick and easy construction; reduce the dependence on experienced professional construction personnel, effectively save construction time and construction labor costs; PU light stone slab only needs the lowest construction technology, fast, beautiful and small in size.

No.2. Durability

It is durable, impact resistant, pressure resistant and weather resistant.

The toughness of replicating stone siding means you don’t have to worry, no matter what climate you live in, being able to build to withstand extreme temperature changes, different levels or rainfall and snowfall, and other extreme environmental conditions.

Impact and pressure resistance Polyurethane board structure material, PU board for short, can have high elasticity and strength, excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance and vibration resistance in a wide range of hardness, excellent integration with great performance, PU light stone slab has been widely used in Europe and America.

(Not the end, it will be continued in coming article)